With today’s technology there’s really no need to carry keys any longer. Doors n Knobs can install Electronic Access Control Units that will lock, open, and secure any premises both commercial or residential.

The reliability and security of today’s Access Control units is something out of a Hollywood block buster movie. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitation units, if you need the security and reliability that the crooks don’t have the technology (or coat hanger) to bypass such access control units, you need to speak to us today.

The new updated fingerprint access control units are super secure. Just don’t lose your finger! A cold finger won’t open the locks anymore. James Bond will need the help of a professional locksmith to gain access.

Access control systems can be linked to a Security System. Disarm a section on a building and have the doors to that area unlock. When you leave simply rearm and the access control system will lock the doors. So easy, so secure.

From securing the side gate, or to have a fully automated access control system for a multistory building, you need to speak to us today.





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