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Everything Doors n Knobs sell is from quality manufacturers. Our reputation is bound by quality and service so there is no sense in providing products and material of substandard quality.

Doors n Knobs provide an after sales service the big shed companies only ‘think’ they do. Don’t you deserve the quality and care that was a standard once upon a time ? Self Serve isn’t caring, it’s not even helpful. Let our qualified, trained staff help you make the right decision.

The showroom is a must visit. We highly recommend you visit us and decide on a purchase in store and not over a computer keyboard. We have seen to many times people asking for our help because a handle or door lock wouldn’t work as explained from the online store they purchased it from. Although we are always happy to help, there’s a certain element that sits unfair. Don’t make that mistake!

Visit us, or contact us today. Besides our prices are competitive for the smallest of jobs to the largest of buildings.


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