Did you know Doors n Knobs provide a Security Systems for business and private use? We are fully qualified in both NSW and Victoria so we are able to install a quality security system in Albury and Wodonga.

Security Alarm Systems come in so many variants. Doors n Knobs can secure your premisses by installing Security Doors to prevent break in’s through a door, and Security Windows for windows, which Doors n Knobs supply and install. But we can also install a high tech Security Alarm System to your business or home.

Doors n Knobs can go that extra step to protect your premisses, we can have the security system phone, send you an SMS, you can check the security system online and also have a 24/7 security company monitor for any alarms.

Top end Security and Alarm systems can Record and Alarm authorities of unortharised entries to certain locations. They can also send you an SMS via a mobile network eliminating the potential break in street phone cables.

Speak to us today for your security needs and be assured your protection is our highest priority.




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